Revyur Cleansing Lotion Enriched with Aloe


Revyur Cleansing Lotion is made with aloe juice and mineral oil. It gently removes makeup and dirt from the face.

Aloe Juice maintains the skin pH and resumes lost moisture without leaving skin oily.

Mineral Oil is a known cleanser which very effectively removes dirt, dust and grime from deep inside the skin.

 Ideal for all skin type

 Weight: 130 gm.

Revyur Skin Toner Lemon Extract


Revyur Skin Toner With Lemon Extract refreshes your skin and imparts a glow. It provides moisture and helps remove dullness and dryness. The product is mild enough for daily use. Spray on skin directly whenever in need of refreshing. Ideal to use after facial massage.

Lemon and Menthol has cooling and refreshing properties that gives the skin a fresh and radiant look.

Witch hazel extract improves texture to your skin.

 Recommended for normal to dry skin.

Weight: 50 ml.

Revyur Manicure Kit


With the Revyur Manicure Kit, you can experience the convenience of a professional manicure from the comfort of your home. The kit is designed to cleanse, moisturize, nourish and relax the hands. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, improves circulation and stimulates blood flow for softer and smoother hands  Suitable for all skin types.  Weight: 15 gm.

Revyur Foot Scrub With Pumice Granules & Lavender


This unique foot scrub is formulated with pumice powder and lavender oil and leaves feet cleansed, exfoliated and revitalized.

Pumice powder is an age old known excellent cleanser to remove dead skin. Very fine and finished powder of pumice stone gives a good scrubbing effect. It helps increase circulation due to scrubbing.

Lavender oil while being anti-bacterial is an aromatherapy oil for relaxing feet and has soothing effect.

 Ideal for all skin type

Revyur Body Moisturizer


Revyur Body Moisturizer is an all-in-one gentle body care specially for winter dryness. Blends easily into the skin and increases the skin hydration.  Ideal for all skin type

Revyur Orange Scrub For All Skin Types


Revyur Orange Scrub is a mild scrub for natural exfoliation, it buffs and polishes skin. The orange metal beads used in the product are very light and do not damage skin. As it is used in cream base it is extremely beneficial for dry and mature skin. This scrub also hydrates while cleansing. It is ideal for those who are exposed to dust and sunlight daily as the cream base deep cleanses while beads exfoliate gently.

Orange Oil acts has antibacterial properties, gives a refreshing feeling and also leads to relaxation like aromatherapy oils.

 Suitable for all skin types.

Revyur Saffron Massage Gel


Revyur Saffron Massage Gel is a unique massage gel that helps to improve your complexion. The saffron gives a glowing skin. Massaging improves blood circulation which helps in removing impurities from the skin. This gives immediate freshness and provides long lasting moisture and day long comfort without leaving oily residue.

Saffron imparts a glow to the skin.

 Ideal for oily skin but may be used on dry skin also along with massage creams for glow and shine.

Revyur Aloe Body Gel


Revyur Aloe Body Gel is a multipurpose water based gel which can be used by both men and women of all ages. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and has very good healing properties. It is a multi-benefit gel which can be used as an after shave gel by men and by women after procedures like threading, waxing, plucking, etc to reduce rashes and inflammation. It is also an ideal kitchen shelf must-have as it quickly heals minor cuts, burns, etc and relieves burning and itching instantly. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Aloe Vera is a wonder herb with lots of cosmetic properties; it is a natural herb without any side effects. It is moisturizing, nourishing, healing and a sun protectant (as in protects from sunburns and rashes).

 Though it can be used for all skin types, it is most suited for oily and combination skin. 

Revyur Walnut Scrub


Walnut is a natural exfoliator that helps to remove dead cells, white heads, debris and impurities deep from the skin. Gentle massaging improves blood circulation which ensures skin renewal. Its rich cream base protects the skin from excessive dryness and provides emollients which make the skin look young, radiant.

 The product is ideal for normal to dry skin.

Revyur Massage Cream With Herbal Extract


Revyur Massage Cream With Herbal Extract provides delicate care and moisture while improving the tone and texture of the skin. This cream is great for facial and body massage. It prevents skin from drying, softens the tissues and provides skin conditioning. Massaging improves blood circulation which helps in removing impurities from the skin.

Fruit extracts help to soothe, relax and maintain healthy skin and also give radiance to the skin.

Olive Oil is a rich source of vitamin E which provides emollient and antioxidant properties.

 Ideal for young, dry, tired skin in need of revitalization.

Revyur Aloe Cleansing Cream


Revyur Aloe Cleansing Cream effectively removes dirt, dust and grime from deep inside the skin. It cleanses well and restructures the complexion by removing dead cells, impurities and makeup and leaving skin perfectly clean, young and luminous.

Aloe provides a hydrating formula and gives fresh, silky and smooth sensation

 Ideal for clean-ups before facial massage. 

Revyur Polishing Walnut Gel


An energizing gel scrub containing walnut that gently exfoliates dead cells, white heads, debris and impurities from deep within the skin. Gentle massaging improves blood circulation which ensures skin renewal. It improves skin texture, helps to provide even complexion, clear & glowing skin. It is an oil free product (water based) suitable for normal to oily skin.

Specialities : 

- An energizing gel scrub gently exfoliates and prevents irritation to skin. 

- Scrubs out white heads, dead cells, debris and skin tan.
- Revyur Polishing Walnut Gel brightens the skin and evens-up complexion.
- It stimulates blood circulation and boosts skin renewal.
- Removes excess oil and mattes out shine.
- Leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Revyur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack


Revyur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack is a powerful combination of natural clays and herbal extracts, which helps to remove dead cells from the skin and improves skin texture and provides clarity. Regular application of the pack controls blemishes and dark spots formation and keeps skin soft, supple and radiant. It contains herbal extracts which provide antimicrobial, skin lightening, anti acne and moisturizing properties.

 Explore a 15 minutes clarifying treatment for normal, oily, T-zone and blemished skin.

 Weight: 100 gm.

Revyur Skin Whitening Anti Tan Tightening Toner


Refreshing Tightening Toner
- Natural ingredients gently tones and tightens the skin.
- Cooling properties of menthol and refreshing, anti-tan properties of Cucumber, Lemon Peel and Potato gives the skin a fresh, clean and radiant look.

Revyur Soft Day & Night Cream


Revyur Soft Day & Night Cream provides round the clock care to skin. It is a protective nourishing moisturizer to be used during the day and at night time. Perfect moisturizing, nourishing, anti ageing, sun protecting and skin brightening remedy for all skin types.

Green Tea and Aloe are the natural actives that provide antioxidant and sun protective effect during daytime and soothing and skin repair effect during night time.
Papaya and Rosehip Oil are natural anti-ageing actives like accelerate regeneration of skin cells and moisturize to revive skin’s upper layers.
Liquorice content brightens the skin and renews skin texture.
 Suitable for all skin types.
 Weight: 50 gm.

Revyur Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey


Revyur Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey is a nourishing and moisturizing cream. It is rich in emollient and anti-oxidant actives that help skin remain naturally soft, supple and beautiful.

 Ideal for all skin types.

Revyur Crack Healing Cream


Revyur Crack Healing Cream is a wonder product. It gives the fastest relief for cracks and excessive dryness on any affected part of the body. It can be used on hands also or on cracks due to sun damage or excessive dryness. A huge plus is its anti-psoriatic activity. This product removes marks like shoe bites or spots from the feet as well as black spots caused by friction near ankle bone and knuckles.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (i.e. natural acids) from fruits helps in removing dead cells.

Olive Oil softens the cracks on soles and heels.

Eucalyptus Oil is the anti-bacterial agent that repairs and protects the skin.

Urea and Allantoin heals the skin. It softens and eliminates the thick keratin on the sole, reviving the turnover of the skin cells and making the foot smooth and healthy. 

 Ideal for all skin type

Revyur Deep Cleansing & Purifying Facial Pack


Revyur Deep Cleansing & Purifying Facial Pack is a powerful combination of natural clays and herbal extracts, which removes dirt, impurities, excessive oil and dead cells from the skin making it clean, pure and beautiful. It instantly provides moisture and essential elements to the skin, helps cleanse pores and tightens the skin. The pack contains herbal extracts which cleanse the skin deeply, lightens spots and provides a youthful glow.

Weight: 100 gm. 

Revyur Fairness Facial Kit


Revyur Fairness Facial Kit is a gentle home facial to revive dry and dehydrated skin. This hyydrating fairness facial kit helps to stimulate birth of new healthy cells, incredibly repairs, lightens, nourishes and calms skin. Helps sweep away all lingering impurities and effectively revitalizes and conditions skin while hydrating.

Leaves skin clear transparent, supple and youthful. Delivers an intense, immediate and long lasting hydration to reinforce skin’s moisture barrier.

 Suitable for all skin types. Especially good for dry skin.

 Weight: 15 gm.

Revyur Oil Free Skin Lightening Cream


A light, oil free formula helps smoothen and lighten complexion. It provides a flawless matte look. Reveals a clarified complexion in uniform tone with nourishing, mattifying and lightening benefits.

Natural botanicals and AHA lightly hydrates and soothes skin.
 Perfectly suits oily skin
 Weight: 50 gm.

Revyur Facial Treatment For Combination Skin


 Revyur Facial Treatment For Combination Skin is the ideal skin balancing treatment for differing zones of your face. It is formulated with exclusive energizing nutrients to give an instant rejuvenated and fresh glow to the skin.

The treatment is designed to deliver plentiful hydration to dry part of skin to prevent premature signs of ageing while controls oiliness in T-zone and reduces pore visibility. Makes skin appear sleeker, more radiant and evenly toned by providing essential moisture for optimal balance.

 Ideal for combination skin.

 Weight: 15 gm.

Revyur Skin Polishing Cleanup Kit


Revyur Skin Polishing Cleanup Kit helps to keep harmful bacteria, sweat, dirt and pollution away from skin. It lifts off the dirt particles from skin and thereby provides a clean and fresh look. This clean up kit helps in regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. It removes excess oil from skin and also controls blackheads, pimples and acne.

 Ideal for all skin types.

   Weight: 15 gm.


Revyur Skin Whitening & Anti-Tan Facial kit


A perfect skin whitening, brightening, anti-tan treatment for fairer skin. This hydrating facial kit is exclusively formulated with essential skin clarifying ingredients which have an instant skin whitening and anti-tan effect thereby giving a clarified complexion with glow and radiance. 

 Suitable for all skin types.

 Weight: 150 gm

Revyur Aroma Plus Day & Night Moisturizer


There are many moisturizers in the market, but what makes Aroma Plus different is that its light formula gets absorbed into the skin making it soft and supple, and its aroma is refreshing.

Aloe Vera juice

Lotus extract have excellent moisturizing properties.

 Suitable for all skin types

 Weight: 75 gm.

Revyur Skin Lightening Cream


 Revyur Skin Lightening Cream is a unique blend of vitamins and herbs that help to smooth out skin tone. On regular use, the cream lightens blemishes, age spots, sun spots, freckles and stubborn skin discolorations. It hydrates, protects and imparts glowing appearance to skin while brightening up skin complexion.

Kojic Acid and Niacinamide work synergistically to reduce cutaneous pigmentation.
Vitamins and herbs infused in this cream help to smooth out skin tone.
 Best suited for normal to dry skin.
 Weight: 50 gm.