Media Coverage

Media Coverage

The brand Revyur's and its range of natural beauty products are constantly being appreciated and covered on media, below are few of such coverages.

Beautiful Hamesha writes about Revyur's Foot Care Cream 

Vanity Noapologies writes about Revyur's Foot Cream for Dry Cracked Heels

GlobalLinker covered the Revyur's Inspiring story




This cream pampers the feet and breathes a new life into cracked heels. It bears the aroma....Read More

Take care of your feet with the Revayur cream with the floral aroma of sweet lavenders gently moisturizes...Read More

An inspired decision is sometimes the foundation for building a successful company. In the case of Revyur Speciality Natural, that decision was...Read More


                                            Sharmila Vali & Palka Minocha sharing the journey of Revyur Speciality Naturals and its plans for the future!