Skin and Hair Care Combo with benefits of Lemon Grass, Walnut, Aloe Vera, Almon and Honey

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Exposure to elements can be quite harsh on your skin and hair, this skin and hair care combo is created specifically to help you cleanse and nourish your skin and hair. Our products will not only rejuvenate but will also protect you from harmful after-effects of exposure to harsh elements

  Included in the Combo :

○  Lemon Grass Refreshing Bar

○  Walnut Scrub

○  Aloe Gel

○  Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey

○  Deep Cleansing & Volumnizing Shampoo

  • Additional Information

    Lemon Grass Refreshing Bar

      Ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin, Lemongrass Oil, Lemongrass Leaves


    ○  Removes skin impurities effectively and leaves it cleansed

    ○  Makes skin tightened, toned and smelling divine

    ○  Pomegranate’s natural fruit acids genially exfoliates dead, dry skin cells

      Weight: 100gm

    Walnut Scrub

      Ingredients: Walnut


     ○  Ideal For Normal to Dry Skin

    ○  Walnut as a natural exfoliator scrubs out whiteheads, dead cell, debris & skin tan.

    ○  Unclogs pores & makes skin clear & more transparent.

    ○  It stimulates blood circulation & boosts skin renewal.

    ○  Evens up skin complexion & gives a glowing, younger skin texture.

      Weight: 75 gm

    Aloe Gel

      Ingredients: Aloe Vera


    ○  Special Aloe formula keeps skin hydrated for hours.

    ○  Helps close pores, heal acne.

    ○  Relaxes sun damage & inflamed skin.

    ○  Suitable for all skin types, Ideal for oily skin

      Weight: 120 gm

    Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey

      Ingredients: Almond & Honey


    ○  Caring

    ○  Nourishing

    ○  Moisturizing Ideal for All Skin Types

    ○  Rich in emollient and anti- oxidant actives that help skin remain naturally soft, supple & beautiful.

      Weight:150 ml

    Deep Cleansing & Volumnizing Shampoo

      Ingredients: Apple extracts,


    ○  Oily Hair

    ○  A daily shampoo for mild & deep cleansing of hair & scalp which removes excess sebum, grime & prevents rebound.

    ○  Revyur Hair Care Basics Deep Cleansing &Volumnizing Shampoo thoroughly dissolves dirt & impurities of oily scalp & instantly makes hair feel light & voluminous.

    ○  Apple extract provides extra nourishment to hair & balances oiliness leaving hair sleek, suppler, brighter & manageable.

      Weight: 50 ml

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