Revyur Neem Orange Face Wash

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This is a first of its kind product that combines goodness of neem and orange. It’s a unisex product most suited for teenagers and working people in need of daily cleansing and refreshing without stripping skin’s natural oils.
Neem works as an antiseptic.
Orange beads give a scrubbing effect. It removes all dead cells.
 Can be used for all skin types though best suited for oily skin which breaks into acne.
 Weight: 100 gm.

  • Additional Information

     Key Ingredients: Neem, Orange


    ○ Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties of neem

    ○ Hydrates, tones and restore skin's hydrophilic film

    ○ Fresh pleasant aroma leaves you refreshed

    ○ Beads clean out the dirt and dead skin

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