Revyur Neem Antiseptic Soap


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This handmade soap with neem works as a natural antiseptic. It helps to alleviate itching, inflammation and prevents pimples. Most suited for teenagers and professionals in need of daily cleansing. This soap is your best resort to get a clean and clear skin.

Neem has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It relieves itching, inflammation and prevents breakouts. Neem also has great exfoliating and anti-aging properties

Glycerin base of this soap refreshes the skin without stripping its natural oils.

  Best suited for teenagers and professionals exposed to harmful pollutants.

  Weight: 100 gm 

  • Additional Information

     Key Ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin, Neem Leaves Extract


    ○ Natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties keep skin healthy

    ○ Relieves itching, inflammation and prevents pimples

    ○ Has exfoliating and anti-aging properties

    ○ Keeps skin clean and clear

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