Revyur Foot Scrub With Pumice Granules & Lavender

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This unique foot scrub is formulated with pumice powder and lavender oil and leaves feet cleansed, exfoliated and revitalized.

Pumice powder is an age old known excellent cleanser to remove dead skin. Very fine and finished powder of pumice stone gives a good scrubbing effect. It helps increase circulation due to scrubbing.

Lavender oil while being anti-bacterial is an aromatherapy oil for relaxing feet and has soothing effect.

 Ideal for all skin type

 Weight: 75 gm

  • Additional Information

     Key Ingredients: Pumice powder, Lavender Oil


    ○ An energizing cleanser and gentle exfoliator

    ○ Camphor and lemon juice soothes, relaxes and hydrates tired feet

    ○ Scrubbing action of pumice exfoliates dead skin and stubborn debris

    ○ Softens and smoothes dry patches

    ○ Leaves feet comfortable and revitalized

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