Revyur Cleansing Lotion Enriched with Aloe

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Revyur Cleansing Lotion is made with aloe juice and mineral oil. It gently removes makeup and dirt from the face.

Aloe Juice maintains the skin pH and resumes lost moisture without leaving skin oily.

Mineral Oil is a known cleanser which very effectively removes dirt, dust and grime from deep inside the skin.

 Ideal for all skin type

 Weight: 130 gm.

  • Additional Information

     Key Ingredients: Aloe Juice, Mineral Oil


    ○ Gently removes makeup and dirt deep from face

    ○ Aloe Vera restores the skin's natural ability to hydrate and protect it while staying young and healthy

    ○ Leaves skin feeling clean, pure and fresh

    ○ Skin texture appears finer and clarified

    ○ Leaves no oily residue

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