Revyur Ayurvedic Hair Oil

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Revyur Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a result of deep research of ayurvedic ingredients that improve the quality and condition of hair. It removes dandruff, controls hair fall and relieves stress. This oil also prevents premature graying of the hair. Amla, Jatamansi, Neem and Bramhi supply necessary nourishment to the roots of the hair. The natural ingredients provide relaxing and soothing effect to itchy scalp.

 Suitable for all the types of scalps

 Weight: 100 m


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     Key Ingredients: Amla, Jatamansi, Neem, Bramhi


    ○ Nourishes the hair roots and controls hair loss

    ○ Relaxes and soothes itchy scalp and removes dandruff

    ○ Prevents premature graying

    ○ Relieves stress

    ○ Improves hair quality, strength, shine and volume

    ○ Non greasy, easy to apply and wash

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