A. Pedi Soak:

 Key Ingredient:  Aloevera Juice, Allantoin

B Pedi Scrub:

 Key Ingredient: Lemon Juice, Camphor, Lavender Oil, Pumice Granules

C. Pedi Massage Cream:

  Key Ingredient: Aloe Juice, Sea Weed Extract, Tea Tree Oil

D. Pedi Pack:

 Key Ingredient: Kaolin, Calamine Powder, Sea Weed Extract, Fullers Earth, Mandukparni Extract, Urea, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil

E. Crack Healing Cream:

Key Ingredient: Allantoin, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Lactic Acid, Urea, Eucalyptus Oil


○ Helps to relieve tension and stimulates circulation

○ Refreshes the feet and smooth away dry skin and callauses

○ Removes dead skin from feet especially on the heel and encourages new cell growth which creates smoother and more attractive feet

○ Eliminates dirt and bacteria from feet which prevents skin conditions and malodour