Revyur Fairness Facial Kit

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    A. Aloe Cleansing Cream:

     Key Ingredient: Mineral Oil, Aloe Juice

    B. Orange Scrub:

    Key Ingredient: Micro beads, Orange Oil

    C. Skin Lightening Cream:

     Key Ingredient: Mango Leaf Extract, Licorice Extract, Aloevera Juice, Mandukparni Extract, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Barberry Extract, Niacinamide, Vitamin E Acetate, Aqua Shuttle, Vitamin C Shuttle.

    D. Massage Cream With Herbal Extract:

     Key Ingredient: Fruit Extract (Orange and Jojoba ), Olive Oil

    E. Skin Toner With Tea Extract:

     Key Ingredient: Tea Extract, Witch HazelExtract

    F. Anti Blemishing Facial Pack:

     Key Ingredient: Neem Extract, Hirda Extract, Kaolin, Fullers Earth, Vitamin E, Manjistha Extract, Sariva Extract, Mulethi Extract, Orange Peel Extract,

    G. All Purpose Gel:

     Key Ingredient: Aloe Juice, Neem Extract, Urea & Allantoin


    ○ Helps to stimulate birth of new healthy cells, incredibly repairs, lightens, nourishes and calms skin

    ○ Sweeps away all lingering impurities and effectively revitalizes and conditions skin while hydrating

    ○ Leaves skin clear, transparent, supple and youthful

    ○ Delivers an intense, immediate and long lasting hydration to reinforce skin’s moisture barrier

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