Oil Free Skin Lightning Cream

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It is ideal for Oily skin as its light oil free base has a matt effect reducing the natural shine on oily skin. It contains Multi active complex which helps to smooth and lighten the complexion. Mandukparni extract and lactic acid helps in the removal of dead skin and rejuvenate new skin, prevents the skin from pre mature aging. Mango leaf extract is used for its moisturizing effect and as a defense against UV damage to the skin.  Kojic Acid dipalmitate is a naturally derived skin lightening agent which inhibits the melanin formation and produces excellent effects in whitening skin and in anti-suntan.

Key Ingredients : Aloevera Juice, Mandukparni Extract, Mango Leaf Extract ,lactic Acid , Kojic Acid Dipalmitate.

Specialities :

• Perfectly suits oily skin.

• A light, oil free formula helps smooth & lighten your complexion.

• Provides a flawless matte look.

• Combine benefits of natural botanicals & AHA.

• Reveals a clarified complexion in uniform tone.

• Lightly hydrates & soothes skin.

• Boosts nourishing, mattifying &lightening benefits.


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