Toner with Lemon Extract

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Skin Toner with Lemon Extract refreshes your skin and imparts glow. It provides moisture and helps remove dullness and dryness. This product is recommended for normal to dry skin. Cooling and refreshing properties of menthol and lemon gives the skin fresh and radiant look. Witch hazel extract improves texture to your skin. The product is mild enough for daily use. Spray on skin directly when ever in need of refreshing. Ideal to use after facial massage.

Key Ingredients : Lemon peel extract, Witch hazel extract.


MOISTURIZING : It helps hydrate your skin, removes dullness & dryness giving it a soft & supple look. 

GLOWING : Natural ingredients impart glow to the skin. 

REFRESHING : Its cooling action with menthol & lemon extract gives the skin a fresh & radiant look. Mild enough for daily use. 

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