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Revyur Aroma Moisturizer Plus


There are many moisturizers in the market, but what makes Aroma Plus different is that its light formula gets absorbed into the skin making it soft and supple, and its aroma is refreshing. The product can be used on all skin types; it is a modified form of aroma moisturizer which contains Aloe vera juice as well as Lotus extract which has excellent moisturizing properties.

Specialities :

with Lotus & Aloe Day & Night Moisturizer 

- Aloe & Lotus Extract moisturize dehydrated skin.
- Leaves skin feeling nourished and revitalized
- Protects, Soothes and Calms the skin
- Light enough for daily use

Revyur Orange Lotion with sun care


A protective & nourishing lotion for all seasons. Specially formulated for dehydrated, dull and mature skin types in need of brightening. Honeysuckle, green tea and octyl methoxy cinnamate help skin fight harmful UV rays. Aloe vera juice delivers hydration throughout the day as well as soothes sun damaged skin. Orange extract has detoxifying, deodorizing, stimulating and revitalizing effects. Sunflower oil is a natural emollient and moisturizer. Vitamin E oil imparts anti-oxidants to skin leaving skin resilient.

Specialities :

Protective Skin Nourisher For All Seasons SPF 15 Perfect For All Skin Types 

- A weightless protective & nourishing lotion for daily use.
- Specially formulated for dehydrated, dull and mature skin types in need of brightening.
- Strongly defenses skin to fight against harmful UV rays
- Delivers hydration throughout the day
- Has detoxifying , deodorizing, stimulating and revitalizing effect
- Leaves skin velvety smooth, bright, firm & resilient. Protective Skin Nourisher For All Seasons.

Revyur Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey


- Caring
- Nourishing
- Moisturizing Ideal for All Skin Types
- Rich in emollient and anti- oxidant actives that help skin remain naturally soft, supple & beautiful.

Revyur Body Moisturizer


All-in-one gentle body care specially for winter dryness Ideal for All Skin Types
- Blends easily into the skin and increases the skin hydration.