Skin and Hair Care Combo with benefits of Lemon Grass, Walnut, Aloe Vera, Almon and Honey

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    Lemon Grass Refreshing Bar

      Ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin, Lemongrass Oil, Lemongrass Leaves


    ○  Removes skin impurities effectively and leaves it cleansed

    ○  Makes skin tightened, toned and smelling divine

    ○  Pomegranate’s natural fruit acids genially exfoliates dead, dry skin cells

      Weight: 100gm

    Walnut Scrub

      Ingredients: Walnut


     ○  Ideal For Normal to Dry Skin

    ○  Walnut as a natural exfoliator scrubs out whiteheads, dead cell, debris & skin tan.

    ○  Unclogs pores & makes skin clear & more transparent.

    ○  It stimulates blood circulation & boosts skin renewal.

    ○  Evens up skin complexion & gives a glowing, younger skin texture.

      Weight: 75 gm

    Aloe Gel

      Ingredients: Aloe Vera


    ○  Special Aloe formula keeps skin hydrated for hours.

    ○  Helps close pores, heal acne.

    ○  Relaxes sun damage & inflamed skin.

    ○  Suitable for all skin types, Ideal for oily skin

      Weight: 120 gm

    Ultra Nourishing Cream With Almond & Honey

      Ingredients: Almond & Honey


    ○  Caring

    ○  Nourishing

    ○  Moisturizing Ideal for All Skin Types

    ○  Rich in emollient and anti- oxidant actives that help skin remain naturally soft, supple & beautiful.

      Weight:150 ml

    Deep Cleansing & Volumnizing Shampoo

      Ingredients: Apple extracts,


    ○  Oily Hair

    ○  A daily shampoo for mild & deep cleansing of hair & scalp which removes excess sebum, grime & prevents rebound.

    ○  Revyur Hair Care Basics Deep Cleansing &Volumnizing Shampoo thoroughly dissolves dirt & impurities of oily scalp & instantly makes hair feel light & voluminous.

    ○  Apple extract provides extra nourishment to hair & balances oiliness leaving hair sleek, suppler, brighter & manageable.

      Weight: 50 ml

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