About Us

The premium Revyur range of Speciality Natural Cosmetics has been fused & adapted from ancient Indian Beauty Care, Skin Care & Personal Care Formulations used since thousands of years. In its present standardized form as a combination of both the new trends & the golden old knowledge.

Specifically selected herbal extracts conforming to principles of organic cultivation have been used in manufacturing for consistency & enhancing synergistic effect due to multiple activity of selected herbs. The unique natural formulation ensures deep penetration & maintains proper alignment of cuticles in the skin & enhances conditioning.

Thanks to the selective mixing Technology & the optimum blend of traditional Indian herbs, essential oils, natural antioxidants for anti-aging properties & Vitamins in selective ratios that enhances quality & stability of the products, thereby helping better protection from various pollutants & nourishes to promote soft, smooth, healthy & luxurious skin.

Enabling us to understand the customers needs accurately & offer a bouquet of value added innovations. The cosmetics division of Revyur has been established under - A dedicated team of specialized herbal Cosmetologists, Researchers, Product Managers & Market researchers. Collective experience of over 20 years in Research and Formulation Development of Herbal Cosmetics. Manufacturing set up confirming to WHO, GMP norms, GLP practices as laid down by the World Health Organization.